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Wet Pebble Stone Supplier

Wet pebble stones are usable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Wet pebbles are a mixture of river and beach pebbles of various colors and sizes. These pebble stones are formed of limestone, sandstone, and other rocks by friction with the water. Wet pebbles are highly durable stones available in smooth, polished, and honed surfaces for multiple purposes. It’s usually available in 25mm to 120mm sizes, but we also provide personal demand-based customized sizes for specific purposes. 

Wet pebbles offered by Goodwill are widely used in pathways(pebbles under foot), gardening, decorative fountains, indoor small water features, and plant pots for humidity, and are also extensively used for interior design purposes. Wet pebbles are available in a number of colors and textures in all sizes at goodwill facilities. If you are looking for quality pebbles, then contact us, Goodwill is a leading wet pebble supplier and exporter.

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