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We are a pioneer supplier and distributor of various natural pebbles like river and beach pebbles. Natural pebbles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. GoodwillExport offers a variety of top-notch quality river pebbles at reasonable costs. River pebble stone typically comes in the following hues: black, grey, green, brown, and white. 

Various uses of river pebbles :

River pebbles are used for water feature areas, gardens, plant pots, and pathways, and are also utilized to develop small waterfalls in gardens. Small river pebble stones were used to develop creative living areas and gardens over the building rooftops. Sometimes pebbles are used as bookends and paperweights in offices. 

How river pebbles formed?

River pebbles are most commonly found on the banks of rivers and big lakes. These pebbles are formed as the river’s running water washes over rock particles on the bottom and along the shores of the river. The finishing, shape, and color of river pebbles are determined by various factors, including the composition of the riverbank soil, the chemical properties of the water, and the speed of the stream.

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