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“S White Granite” Quarried in North India, this comes with dark to light grey spots on its white-grey surface. S White Granite adds a vintage and antique look to your place and creates an extremely vulnerable and loud environment, which is perfectly suitable for party places like cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and resorts. This granite slab is known to provide a more generic look to your home or your workplace, which carries a sense of loudness embedded with calmness. Its real beauty lies in its lack of imperfections and uneven dotted designs.

Currently, S White Granite is in high demand in India and Middle East countries because of the natural appearance and qualities it possesses. This type of granite is highly durable, long-lasting, and suitable for both interior and exterior uses. It can stand still and resist all kinds of weather, scratches, and temperature conditions. Thus, it is the perfect granite for almost every kind of requirement and could meet all your requirements. We are the best S white Granite exporters in India. 

S White Granite Applications:

  • S White Granite tiles and countertops are usually used in party places, houses, hotels, and bathrooms. 
  • The strength, toughness, and value of this attractive greyish stone also help it to win first place when the subject is the coating of your stairs, flooring, kitchen countertops, garden seats, staircases, backsplashes, bathroom tiles, washbasins, bath-tubs, vases, monuments, headstones, tombstones, etc.
  • S White is a very cost-effective granite according to the middle-class range of our Indian taste. That’s why it’s widely used by the middle-class population in India and many neighboring countries.

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