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Cosmic Black Granite

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Cosmic Black Granite is an extraordinary Brazilian granite with a black background and a beautiful swirling pattern of gold, white, and copper across its surface. It’s called cosmic because of these swirling patterns which resemble cosmic design. It is a stone with a strong resemblance, with small golden-colored grains that highlight nature’s creativity and provide architects and interior designers with an extremely sophisticated product. 

Cosmic Black Granite is one of the popular traditional granite in many European countries. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this granite is outer space and galaxies, which makes it a central point in any area where it is used. There is no doubt that this natural stone is popular amongst homeowners and interior designers.  

Top Features of Cosmic Black Granite:

  • It naturally comes with a finished surface.
  • Usually natural stone comes with slight variation but two cosmic black granite blocks have totally different designs and textures form
  • It does not get stained easily as it is not as porous as other granites.
  • Highly dense and durable granite.

Application and uses: Cosmic Black Granite is an eye-catching granite ideally used to make statements in the room and office walls. You can commonly see it in kitchen worktops, cladding, and various pieces of furniture. This black granite especially looks good on the dining table and coffee table to provide the dark theme. The white, gold, and copper swirls of this granite add a stunning look to any area where it is applied. We guarantee that you will get more compliments from friends and relatives.

We provide premium Cosmic Black Granite in all the finishes such as leathered, polished, and honed finishes. Available at a very reasonable price range of Rs130-300/sq. ft. in India while for the USA it will be around Rs 500-750/sq. ft including import duty.  Thank you for considering us as your Cosmic Black Granite exporter and supplier. We deliver with trust and quality.

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