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Spider Green Marble is a kind of green-colored marble that is mostly found in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is also known as Ocean Green Marble in industry. It has a dark green base and numerous light green-white cracks that are nicely fixed. These veins resemble a spider’s web and are placed into the rear side of the material to maintain the tone’s stability as it is relatively soft in comparison to other green category marbles. Despite its great demand, only a few Spider Green marble suppliers provide this stone due to the advanced machinery and expertise needed in processing it. 

Advantages of using spider green marble:
> Low refractiveness, smooth surface, high durability, adaptability, attractive appearance, and resistance to shattering are some of the appealing features.

> Heat resistance, weather resistance, and ease of maintenance are important properties of ocean green granite & spider marble.

Application/Uses of Spider Green Marble: This stone is particularly well-suited to tabletops, kitchen countertops, bathroom wall cladding, monuments, water features, flooring, wall finishing, stairs, window sills, and other creative fields. We are reputed Udaipur-based Spider Green Marble exporters in countries such as the UAE, the UK, Europe, the USA, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other gulf countries, etc. 

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