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Lavender Blue Granite

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Lavender Blue Granite is a granite that has an ornamental structure of pale blue background covered with specks of burgundy or lavender shades. It is mostly quarried in the Berhampur area of the Ganjam district in Orrisa and other southeastern states. It is also known by the name Lavender Azul Granite, and Indian Blue Granite. The silica composition of this Granite is 65%. Lavender Blue Granite surely gives an eye-catching look when applied to your design projects.

Along with being a Beautiful Granite, The Lavender Blue Granite slab is weather resistant and has beautiful colors, crushing strength, and durability. It also has a high load-bearing capacity and is easy to cut and shape. It is an excellent choice for poolside and water wall construction because of its distinctive blue color. It is ideal for building stones due to its long-lasting luster and low water absorption. Furthermore, with these qualities, This granite is very hard (MOH scale- 6.5), highly dense, and resistant to temperature change. 

Applications and uses of Lavender Blue Granite

Lavender Blue Granite is ideal for wall cladding, granite floor tiles, and kitchen countertops, among other interior and exterior applications. Lavender Blue Granite Countertops add an authentic and sophisticated touch to the kitchen. It is also used in hotels and commercial construction projects.

We provide these slabs at a competitive price range of Rs 120-150/sq ft. with customized specifications. It is available in finishes such as Honed, leathered, flamed, brushed, and polished. 

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