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Jhansi Red Granite

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Jhansi Red Granite imprints a red flower-like design with a reddish background. This granite contains red-bluish shades with grey-blue dots and speckles scattered all over its surface. This red granite is also known as UP Red Granite, Ruby Red, and Imperial Red Granite in the market. It’s an extremely hard and durable stone, so popular for construction purposes. 

Jhansi red granite slabs are in huge demand for flooring, facades, kitchens, vanity tops, and tabletops due to their coarse-grained and gray crystal textures. Its tiles and slabs are relatively more expensive than other North Indian granites. 

Jhansi Red tiles are very popular for their saturated colors, durability, smooth finish, and classy polish. They are perfectly grained, waterproof, weather resistant, and have a non-slippery texture. Due to all those properties, Jhansi granite tiles are fit for both interior and exterior uses. Jhansi Red granite tiles provide a rich color that adds a unique and stylish look to any construction project. As a leading Jhansi red granite exporter, we take pride in being the favorite choice of our customers. 

Application & uses of Jhansi Red Granite:

These granite tiles and slabs are mostly used for domestic and commercial purposes such as flooring, countertops, external & internal aids in construction, construction stone, risers, stairs, vanity tops, wall tiles, cladding, and patio design. 

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