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Onyx Countertops & Collection

Onyx is a highly valuable and opulent stone because of its black-white composition and appealing color variations. We deal with natural onyx, onyx marble stone, onyx tiles, and onyx slabs. Pink onyx, golden onyx, and lady green onyx are some of our most popular onyx products. We have years of expertise as an onyx supplier & distributor in customized onyx countertops and slabs. Some of our primary markets are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United States, India, and Turkey.

Onyx Stone

Onyx stone is a chalcedony structure that formed due to bending different parallel layers with various color shadows in layers. Onyx stone is a rare & stunning choice for guest house flooring, onyx kitchen countertops, tabletops, and bathroom countertops & washbasins. You should undoubtedly consider onyx for the unique places, it gives a rich, unique & attractive look to the respective portion.  It has been an ancient symbol of social status and luxurious lifestyle since the Greek & Roman empires. 

The Onyx countertop has a highly reflective nature. This natural beauty adds a touch of elegance and elevates the overall look of your home. Onyx slab has a translucent nature that creates dramatic features. One of the most popular trends is onyx tabletop and onyx kitchen countertops. 

The onyx countertop price range varies between Rs200 to Rs2000 per sqft in India according to the quality, texture, and onyx color occurrences. While in the USA price varies from $40 to $80 per sqft for onyx countertops installation. The small onyx stone price depends on the shape, size, and work done on the stone because these stones are very rare and unique.

The primary benefit of installing onyx countertops is their unique natural appearance. Onyx is a soft and porous stone, so it gets scratched easily if we use it in high-traffic areas. To properly maintain the shine and quality appearance of this stone, you should keep up a regular daily cleaning and reseal on a yearly basis. 

Onyx stone is frequently used for astrological purposes, ancient healing science, decorative items, jewelry, statues, sculptures, and building construction. 

Although Onyx is not a cheap material, your money will be worth it if you are looking for a unique and attractive material for the countertops, floor, and bathroom. Goodwill Exports has a very attractive and appealing onyx color collection at all of our facilities, including honey, golden, green, gray, and many more. 

We are available 24*7 to clear your doubts and help you choose the best onyx slab for your space, as you are with the best onyx & Natural Stone supplier and distributor.  

Onyx is mostly used for low-traffic areas of houses like wall features, backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, and tabletops. 

It have translucent and light reflection properties, it will look amazing but onyx is not an ideal option for the kitchen and other high-traffic areas. This stone is brittle, least heat resistant, and soft so it easily cracks and forms chips. It’s also vulnerable to acids and bases.

Yes, it’s quite an amazing and beautiful natural stone, but it has very low scratch resistance due to its brittle nature and low hardness. Whereas, modified onyx with fiberglass has good strength and hardness.

Various types of onyx stones are used in medical treatments to heal kidneys, eyes, hair, heart, and nail. It is also used to help patients who have sleeping disorders, neurological disorders, glaucoma, apathy, and to eliminate stress.