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Natural Sandstone countertop

Natural Sandstone Supplier

Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock formed by cemented sand-sized silicate grains. Its clast contains quartz and feldspar, which makes it the most resistant natural stone to weathering processes on the earth’s surface. Goodwill Exports is a leading Sandstone Supplier & Exporter for a variety of sandstone countertops & tiles in a range of colors, textures, and slab sizes for various applications. 

Indian Sandstone Exporters

Nowadays, everyone desires a lovely exterior and interior for their residence. It’s no wonder that sandstone is a popular choice among designers, architects, and homeowners because of its rustic appearance and magnificent grooves with a long-lasting life.

The sandstone’s binder might be silica, calcite, or iron oxides. Its durability, weather resistance, rustic look, and strength made it very popular in mediaeval history. Sandstone is used to construct several ancient structures in India, including the Chittorgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Sanchi Stupa, Redfort, and Qutub Minar, which are all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Sandstone Countertop color varies owing to impurities with minerals, just like regular sand, and the most frequent colors are red, brown, grey, pink, green, mint, rainbow, black, and white. Sandstone has varying properties depending on chemical composition and environmental conditions of origin. If you are looking for beautiful sandstone tiles and slabs to design your patios, garden, floor, or house interior wall then visit the most reliable sandstone supplier “Goodwill Exports” from Udaipur. You can call them or email or contact them on-site by visiting their facilities. 

Sandstone Countertops:

Sandstone slabs are natural quarried stone pieces and are cut from rock similar to other natural stones such as onyx, marble, and granite. It can be cut and polished into sandstone slabs or sandstone tiles for use as countertops, flooring, wall decor, and bathroom fixtures. The extreme porousness of sandstone makes the sandstone countertop difficult to maintain. Sandstone countertops need proper sealing and regular cleaning. 

What are the uses of sandstone?

Sandstone can be utilized in several ways to enhance the appearance of public or private places. We as a sandstone supplier provide the best quality sandstone that can be used for a variety of different things, such as wall cladding, sandstone pavements, outdoor flooring, dining table countertops, sandstone countertops, bathroom flooring, etc. 

Quartz sandstone and feldspar sandstone are both used for many outdoor applications, including sandstone statues, garden benches, seats, edging for gardens, swimming pools, farm fencing, and water features. 

What is the price range for sandstone?

The price of Sandstone Countertops usually varies which depends on various factors, such as stone quality, rarity, origin and your specific requirements. If you want to install sandstone slabs in your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, you can expect to pay roughly $20 to $40 per square foot in America. Various Indian Sandstone countertop suppliers provide a range of sandstone slabs including buff sandstone, polished, lithic, crushed and natural sandstone to fulfil your requirements. Trust only reliable sandstone suppliers and manufacturers who have years of experience and market reputation such as Goodwill Marble & Granite

If you want to install sandstone pieces for water features, fences, gardens, and pavement, then the cost will be around $2–$5 per sq ft or cheaper in the USA. While popular Indian sandstone categories price range between Rs 20-100 per Sqft in India.

Where can I find Sandstone Suppliers near me?

Goodwill has a wide range of sandstone in diverse colors, patterns, and shapes for multiple purposes. We have ready to supply stock in the important sandstone categories, including Teakwood, Rainbow, Gold, Mandana, Kandala, Kota stone, Dholpur beige, Jaisalmer yellow stone, Devli green stone, and Sagar black sandstone. We are offering premium quality sandstone countertops and slabs at a reasonable price range with many free facilities.