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Black marble is widely used and one of the most demanded marble in countertops, floors, and wall claddings. It can provide a classy, royal, and elegant look to any place. This marble also compliments the wooden furniture. Black marble countertops can be paired up with wooden, golden, silver or any other colour combination for a sophisticated look.

Why Choose Black Marble

Here are some of the benefits of having a black marble countertop, or floor, or used in any other way to make the look even better-

  • Black marble can be coordinated with almost all colours, enhancing the surrounding interior or place. 
  • This marble highlights the furnishing and floor.
  • This marble is considered a timeless beauty, therefore it will always be trendy and stylish.
  • It requires low maintenance as it is the darkest colour it requires just a mop.
  • Black marble countertops or tables are easy to clean as dust and dirt are less visible.
  • This marble is the darkest stone and also heat resistant.

Types of Black Marble Slabs Available at Goodwill Exports

Goodwill is the leading black marble supplier and exporter providing a huge variety of marbles of different types, colours and patterns. Goodwill marbles provide multiple varieties of black colour marble which can be differentiated into four main categories, such as-

  1. Ocean Black Marble – It has a black & grey coloured steak with a glossy finish. This marble surface consists black background and cream colour veining which provides a smooth texture. Get the best quality stone from black marble supplier in India at a very competitive price. 
  2. Magic Black Marble – This marble features a pure black colour and is quarried from countries like China, Italy, and India. Magic black marble comes with a leather & polished finish and has a unique pattern design. Although design & texture may differ in different blocks. If you are looking for black stone to design your next project then choose Goodwill as your black marble supplier. 
  3. Mercury Black MarbleIt also comes in black background with multiple grey & silver coloured lining patterns. It has a natural texture to make it look more elegant and beautiful for flooring and handicrafts. This stone is commonly used for decoration of any space as it gives a great look.
  4. Aqua Black Marble – Aqua Marble features a flowing river design by providing grey and white lining. This aqua marble is less delicate than other black marble stones, which makes it durable. This marble requires daily cleaning to prevent straining and maintain shine. This black stone is available in multiple variations for various uses at top black marble suppliers and exporters. 

Black marble slabs are mostly used in applications such as corporations, educational institutes, government offices, and residences. It can be used with any other amenities, or keep it the way it is, it enhances the beauty of the place. Goodwill Exports is the leading black marble manufacturer and supplier from Udaipur, getting the best countertop and slab for your next project at the lowest price.