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Pebble is a small size natural stone, made smooth by the action of water and wind. Pebble stone is made of rock fragments which are usually found as rounded or elliptically shaped with a size of 5-120 mm. Pebble stone is usually considered larger than granule & smaller than cobblestone.

Manufacturers & Exporters of Pebble Stone

Due to the erosion effect, pebble stones get naturally tumbled with flowing water or wind from rocks to plain land or a beach. Pebble stone is found in various colors, sizes, and rock materials.

Pebble beaches are formed over a long period of time as the sea water washes over loose rock particles and large brittle stones. It converts them into round and smooth stones. Inland pebble stones are found along the river beach and large lakes. Pebble stones are used for decor purposes to give a natural touch to space. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor decoration of the home. 

Why should you buy pebbles at Goodwill?

Goodwill provides you with a range of pebbles for your gardening and home decoration needs in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. We not only offer quality pebbles but are also a leading supplier and distributor of other natural stones like granite, marble, onyx, sandstone, and cobblestone.

Type of various pebble stones?

There are many different categories of pebble available in the market but widely used stones are onyx pebble, river pebble, pebble beach, green pebble, carnelian, crystal pebble, and fabricated pebbles.

Important uses of pebble stone in home decor:

  • To decorate your home garden: Pebbles are usually used in garden landscaping, plant containers, near water fountains, to prevent soil from flying out of plant pots
  • Small colored pebbles are used to improve the center table and the dining table. 
  • Use for preparing decorative elements 
  • Pebble beach can be used around swimming pools 
  • Making walkways in gardens or outdoor
  • Small size pebble stone used for rooftop decoration
  • Give some nature touch to living space 
  • Construction and balcony decoration