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Black Mexican Pebble

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Mexican Beach Pebbles are collected from the beaches of Mexico, Baja, and have been naturally polished and shattered by sea waves for hundreds of years. Mexican black pebbles are naturally formed by ocean waves’ action on loose volcanic rock segments. 

Mexican pebbles are more smooth and durable compared to river pebbles because the river current is gentler than ocean waves. These are circular with a smooth textured surface and come in a variety of deeper hues, including black, crimson, and darker grey.

These lovely stones are the ideal component for dry-scape landscaping and gardening that is resistant to drought and water conservation. When these stones are placed around trees, walkways, roads, patios, ponds, and stream beds, they will strike a natural effect.

Mexican pebble stones are simple to spread, and they guard soil against extreme temperatures, prevent weed development, and can also be used to prevent soil erosion.

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