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Viscon White Granite

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Viscon White Granite, also known as Madanapalli White India and Viscount White Granite, originates in India. It has a white backdrop with grey waves. This natural stone has a consistent pattern of black and white with subtle shading. Viscon White granite is quarried in India at Madanapalle (Andhra Pradesh), Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu), and several locations in Karnataka. When we install Viscount White Granite as a flooring material, you will feel like you are walking through smoky clouds. 

Viscon white granite has a unique pattern of grey and black streams encasing the milky water. The design and vein structure of granite surfaces may change accordingly to quarried mines.  It is mainly composed of white, black, and grey colors.  Viscount granite has incredible fluidity and swirl structure. This universal granite can endure stains, scratches, and extremely high temperatures. Goodwill as a leading Viscon White Granite exporter delivers premium quality and durable granite.

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Application: Viscon White Granite patterns seem incredibly exotic when applied as floors, countertops, tabletops, or wall coverings, and are also used to create interior decorative items. Kashmir granites are quite popular, and Viscon granite is one of the best options for households and architects. Viscount Granite can be used in both exterior & interior applications. This is a very rich white rock that is preferred by interior designers for countertops, floors, center tables, backsplashes, vanity tops, bar tops, tabletops, and patios. Leaving uncontrollable waves of color that blend brilliantly, it’s great for worktops, center tables, wall tiles, and bathroom tiles. It is, however, also used on floors and fireplaces.




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