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Panda white marble is a very popular marble that originated in China. As the name itself suggests, its surface contains a black-white color combination like the Chinese national animal panda’s body. Panda marble, which has a white background with large, prominent black stripes, may create a strong appearance in the home or office, whether it’s used for bathrooms, tabletops, or staircases. The combination of black and white steals the hearts of guests and visitors. The Panda White Marble will never go out of fashion because of its classy and stylish look. This lovely stone has a white background with darker veins on the surface. The unique beauty of this panda white marble stone lies in its surface, which looks very close to nature. 

Pros and Cons of Panda White Marble:


We all know that it gives a very unique and classical appearance compared to other marble and granite stones. The thicker and large black lines with different designs make it more promising and give a luxurious, dramatic, and contrasting look to your space. 

It can create a bold look within the space, whether it is used in commercial or residential projects. Panda White Marble can only be found in China and some northern regions of India, so its supply is limited and its demand is very high across the world. 


Panda marble stains easily due to the material’s high porosity. The damage is also difficult to repair, and you may need to hire a professional to replace the entire countertops. Acidic chemicals, such as tea or alcohol, can cause permanent harm. So we can say that Panda marble countertops are not a good option for cafe tables, bars, and kitchens. Regular maintenance and daily cleaning are needed for this marble, and it requires proper sealing every three months. 

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