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Pebble Black Granite

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Pebble Black Granite Countertops for Sale

Pebble Black Granite is fine-textured granite quarried in Brazil and India. It is also known by the name of Marinace Black granite and Marinace Nero granite. It is Blended with various black tints such as dark black, olive black, jet black, and charcoal black. Pebble Black Granite has streaks of various minerals that give it a lovely look and stylish texture. It has a high gloss smooth finish and is suitable for decorating gardens and homes. Goodwill exports is a renowned Pebble Black Granite supplier.

This Granite stone’s water-absorbent quality makes it perfect to use for Bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops. Because of its natural look of small shiny pebbles, it is used with water features like fountains and other decorative items to give a more attractive look. Along with this, Pebble Black Granite is popularly used in Tabletops, worktops, flooring, stairs, and elevator exterior designing projects. 

Top Features: Pebble Black Granite

  • It has a non-slippery smooth surface which gives a shiny appearance.
  • It is highly durable granite with an eye-catching look.
  • It is strong, water-absorbing, stainless, scratch-proof, and low-maintenance granite.

Price: We provide Pebble Black Granite slabs at Rs 150-500/sq. Ft. In the UK it will be around €100-300/ m2 with customized specifications. This Granite is available in finishes such as Honed, leather, brushed, and polished. It is a great choice for providing a royal and nature-rich scenery to any villa, hotel, restaurant, or bungalow. As a leading Pebble black granite exporter, we provide premium quality slabs to our clients around the globe.

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