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Crystal Yellow Granite

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Crystal Yellow Granite is a premium yellow granite from India. It has a shiny yellow surface with black and grey dots that looks fantastic. Most of its quarries are situated in the Indian state of Gujarat. There are a number of small black shapes and grey textures on the yellow background of the stone. With its refined beauty, crystal yellow granite brings a touch of excellence to an ambiance. The attractive patterns and appealing texture of crystal yellow granite slab are the key reasons for raising its demand in the global markets.

This yellow granite is the perfect choice for interior and exterior applications of residential and commercial projects. Certainly, Crystal Yellow Granite properties are essential for layouts, like durability, scratch-free, moisture-resistant, and low maintenance. Some of the magnificent features of this granite stone are an eye-catching look, a smooth texture, rigid construction, a fine finish, and excellent polish. Further Being consistent in color, yellow granite is the best selection for all construction projects. As a crystal yellow granite exporter, we deliver this granite to our clients all over the world.

Crystal Yellow Granite manufacturers at a resonable Price:

This granite is low to mid-level expensive and is a great choice for economic middle-class and low-class households. The price of a crystal yellow granite slab ranges between Rs 70-90 per sq ft in India, while in the USA and European countries it could be around $30 to $40 per sq meter. And, most importantly, GST and transportation charges will add to the product’s cost. 

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