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P White Granite

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P white granite is a grey granite that has some dotted designs on it. The Jalore area of Rajasthan is where the majority of its quarries are located. This granite is also popular as steel grey granite and platinum white granite in the market. 

It is quite attractive by looks, primarily due to speckles of grey, light green, and black colors on its snow-white surface. P White has been the most popular type of white granite for a few years. 

It’s an incredibly beautiful and elegant natural stone. Its composition includes white feldspar, greyish quartz, and black mica, giving it a distinctive salt and pepper appearance. These tiles are highly durable, heat resistant, and low maintenance. 

Steel Grey Granite is renowned for its neutral tone and shiny appearance. With fine finishing and perfect polishing, the stone activates a relaxing mode in your living space and it will brighten your space. It looks like a steel gray pattern, and it is way cheaper than gray granite, so it is good for those who need the best-looking and quality granite patterns at the cheapest prices. Goodwill exports is a leading P white Granite supplier in the industry.

P White Granite Price:

> These granite slabs are available at a price range of Rs 50 to Rs 70 per sq ft at Goodwill Exports facilities. 

> In India, GST and transportation costs will be added to the final bill. If you are ordering from other countries, then export duty and transportation costs will be added to the total cost. 

> It is less expensive compared to most of the granites found in India. We are a renowned P white granite exporter in the industry at the lowest price.

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