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White Galaxy granite

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White Galaxy Granite Countertops

White Galaxy Granite is a natural stone with a white background and small to medium cream-colored crystal specks on its base, similar to the galaxy of stars. Galaxy white stone is quarried in the Gujrat state of India. Unevenly distributed flecks on this stone make this stone the most luxurious and demanding granite in the world. Its beauty has been evolving with time into a very attractive and unique aesthetic design. Goodwill exports is a leading White Galaxy granite supplier, exporter & manufacturer.

Features and properties: 

In these granite slabs, speckled and flowing vein patterns can both be present, and this feature stands apart from other granites; every slab has a unique pattern. This beautiful stone is scratch-proof, heat-resistant, and hard in nature, so it’s often used in high-traffic areas like kitchen countertops, sink areas, and dining table tops. It is also resistant to stains and harsh weather conditions, so it can be preferred in seaside locations. 

White galaxy granite countertops look luxurious,  so they may enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Features like ease of maintenance and high durability make it popular worldwide. 

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