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Kashmir White Granite

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Kashmir white granite has a combination of grey and light-colored golden spots with irregular sprinkling over a white color background. This granite is hard, stain-resistant, and weather-resistant, so it may be used for wall cladding, flooring, countertops, vanity tops, staircases, monuments, and so on. Kashmir White, like most natural granite, is primarily composed of natural quartz and feldspar. Kashmir White granite stands out among famous granite varieties from South India owing to its magnificent snow-white appearance. This granite is quarried in Melur town in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district and some other places in this Indian state.

Properties and features of Kashmir white granite 

It features a silky, snow-white foundation with rippling patterns in metallic gray, charcoal, and white colors. It is a fine-to-medium-grained natural stone. Blackberry-colored small spots on the surface add more natural beauty to the stone. This granite has a very smooth surface, but its appearance and quality can be improved by filling naturally occurring microscopic voids using epoxy resin.  A sealer is also applied to its surface to protect it against acid or salt damage and staining.

Countertop materials like Kashmir white granite are scratch resistant due to their surface hardness. This stone also has good heat and temperature resistance that’s why retro kitchens are made of this granite. So, kitchen surface shine and color are never lost. We are a leading Kashmir Gold Granite exporter.

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