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Snow White Granite

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Snow White granite is a rare natural stone with an extremely fine grain and a pure white appearance with no apparent veining. The mix of natural granite with basic and typical grey and white tones creates a legacy. This refined and versatile granite stone is used for traditional to minimalistic projects. This granite has a pristine white hue and texture. It possesses the properties of a crystal, snowflake, and transparent. We are one of the best Snow white granite exporters.

Snow white granite is a type of natural granite that is tougher and denser in structure and may be used for both indoor and outdoor paving. Due to its fine texture and high gloss onyx texture, it has an outstanding brightness that may exceed 90 degrees, making it a high-grade material when compared to other dolomite marbles. The texture and style are different from the Indian Statuario marble. It looks transparent, and you can see the ice crack design on the gray surface clearly. This stone has very good strength and deep texture, so it can be used for long-stay construction. After all, snow-white granite is formed over billions of years, while artificial granite can be formed in days. 

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