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Toronto Marble is a marble with a dark brown tone with a line pattern of light coffee, brown, and off-white impurities. The color patterns of this stone vary and distinctive due to the existence of impurity grains. Toronto brown marble is highly recognized for its strength, color, stone quality, and elegant design pattern. Toronto Marble can be applied to dining areas, bedrooms, baths, entrance areas, and many other locations to add beauty. This stone is generally used in commercial and residential projects to enhance the beauty of the space. 

Top Features of Toronto brown marble

  1. It can be finished as a smooth, polished, swanned, or honed surface. 
  2. Toronto marble has an anti-scratch and rigid surface, so its shine and color will last longer. This is also a highly durable stone. 
  3. Its resistance to harsh weather conditions and low water absorption qualities make it a good choice for seashore and high rainy areas building construction.

Application/Use: Toronto marble is utilized for a variety of exterior and interior design projects. This marble is frequently used for flooring, kitchen countertops, wall coverings, tabletops, vanity tops, washbasin tops, door frames, elevator panels, staircases, monuments, statues, and other architectural purposes. 

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