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Lady Green Onyx

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Lady Green Onyx Supplier

Lady green onyx is also known as green onyx marble in the market. The predominant tone of this green onyx marble stone is green, with random twirls of delicate shades of cream and green. Green onyx is the result of extreme heat and pressure applied to limestone. The best thing about this onyx countertop is that it is maintenance-free, has a smooth surface, and has a long life with durability. Its sophisticated design and appealing colors increase its popularity continuously. 

It may be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as countertops, floors, staircases, vanity tops, and walls. It mostly comes from the Salumbur region of Rajasthan in India. Goodwill Export is a superior supplier of green onyx countertops. Green onyx is available in the form of tiles, slabs, and blocks as well as custom designs for you at affordable prices.

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