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Black Marquina Granite

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Black Marquina Granite is a kind of deep black granite with unique white features quarried in India. This stone has a number of white-coloured waves on the black-grey background. Black Marquina Granite is also known as river black and is relatively lighter than most other granites. This stone can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. Despite being a new stone this is a very popular stone worldwide. This stone has a unique reflective surface that is smooth and glossy.

You can use this stone for interior and exterior applications and also you can use this stone for decoration purposes. Whether you want an exclusive look then Black Marquina Granite is a perfect choice for you. This stone comes with a stain-resistant feature, which makes this stone suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Due to its high durability, you can use it as wall cladding and luxurious flooring. And also it will give an endless beautiful look when you install this stone as opposed to light colored stones.

Application/Use: Black Marquina Granite

You can use Black Marquina Granite in Flooring, Counter/Vanity tops, Cladding, Kitchen, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls & Floors, Stairs, and Fireplace Walls.

Price of Black Marquina Granite

Black Marquina Granite slabs are available in a price range of Rs 60-120 / Square feet. Which is the best price segment in the market. We have available this stone in 20-60 mm thickness. Sizes and thicknesses may vary according to the client’s requirements.

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