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Splendor Gold Granite is a spectacular stone quarried from Brazil and northern India with yellow and gold backgrounds and heavy crystal layers. It has a lustrous quality and shines in all light. This Indian stone contains many features that turn out to be unique and stylish granite. It is a golden, yellow all-natural alluring stone that features gold and black patches and dark brown veining patterns on a beige background.

Splendor Gold granite is generally processed with a thickness of 15-30 mm and comes in different customized shapes. Its surface can be finished as polished, honed, brushed, flamed, and leather. It is commonly used in kitchen countertops because of its scratch-proof, acid & heat-resistant properties. The shine on the polished Splendor Gold Granite slabs is polished into the surface using fine abrasives. As a supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of Splendor Gold granite, we are proud to offer this beautiful and durable material to our customers.

Splendor Gold Granite has a long-lasting surface finish with lofty hardness, compressive strength, and low water absorption features. These granite tiles are usually used for wall covering, fireplaces, interior wall decoration, bathroom vanity, and flooring. Diamond-tipped brushes are applied on leather-finished slabs which give a dimpled texture. 

Splendor Gold Granite slab price range for the thickness of 15-22 mm is Rs 270-320/sq.ft in India and 79-128$ reference pricing in the USA.

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