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Diamond Pearl/Silver Pearl Granite

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Diamond Pearl Granite has shades of dark brown and even black on its surface. This granite is also known as “Silver Pearl Granite” in many countries. It’s uniform and even patterned, so you will not see any veins or lines in an unusual pattern. Diamond Pearl granite looks stunning, exactly as the name sounds. This stone may be considered as granite on a global scale, but in the European application region, it is identified as syenite. A transparent epoxy resin filler can be used during the polishing process to fill any micro-cracks or microscopic pits. This, however, does not affect the stone’s durability; it only produces an even better surface finish. Furthermore, Diamond Pearl granite is frost resistant and has a consistent gloss, making it appropriate for both indoor and exterior use.

Goodwill Exports supplies Silver Pearl granite in various shapes, including slabs, tiles, steps, and customized cut sizes according to your requirements. We are ISO a certified manufacturer and supplier of this stone in India for the past 30 years. We offer free stone samples to every client so they can choose the best surface for their space at a pocket-friendly price. Diamond granite stone can be finished with polished, flamed, brushed, leathered, or sandblasted surfaces according to application. We are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Silver Pearl granite in India, the US, Australia, UAE, and other European nations. 

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