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Graffito Marble

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Application Gallary

Graffito marble is preferred as a wall decoration, flooring, riser, and stair casing material. It’s suitable for both exterior & interior applications in residential as well as commercial projects. 

Graffito Marble Supplier

Graffito marble is quarried in Iran and has deep grey & dark brown shades with white veins throughout the stone surface. This stone slab is most suitable for proper dimension & lustrous appearance applications. Using Graffito marble slab, you can make the living area more attractive with its flooring and wall design. Graffito marble surface has a very stunning puddle design veins with brown, black & grey color backgrounds. Goodwill is a leading Graffito Marble exporter, manufacturer, and supplier in the market. 

Advantages/ Features: 

  1. It’s waterproof stone.
  2. It is also a bore and termite-proof stone.
  3. Heat & Temperature resistance.
  4. It has a long life and is a lightweight stone.
  5. Graffito stone is environmentally friendly and anti-corrosive. 
  6. It’s pocket-friendly with very low maintenance. 

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