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Rosy Pink Granite

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Rosy Pink Granite Supplier

Rosy Pink Granite is available in a variety of floral designs in brown, white, and grey with a pink background. This stone has small black and white colored patches on the surface. Rosy pink granite stone is mainly found in the western and northern regions of India. The majority of its quarries are in Rajasthan’s Jalore district. It is also known by names such as Rose Pink Granite, Pastel Pink Granite, and many other regional names. Pink is a romantic color. Rosy Pink Granite brings extraordinary splendor and unbelievable beauty to your life. We are a trustable Rosy Pink granite manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience.

Features and Properties of Pink Granite:

It has a blushing pink tone and vibrant patterns, as the name indicates, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. Rosy pink surfaces provide eye-catching combinations with light-colored environments. Rosy Pink Granite countertops are exceptionally durable and tough, as well as stain, scratch, and heat resistant. This stone has a smooth surface and a high gloss polish. It’s also cost-effective and easy to maintain. This stone is naturally long-lasting and easy to clean. Its slabs, tiles, and countertops are unmatched in terms of beauty and design.

Rosy Pink Granite price:

The price of these granite unfinished slabs in India is about Rs 60 to Rs 150 per sq ft at our stores. It is commonly used for floors, countertops, and walls due to its low cost and natural hardness. Goodwill exports is a reputed Rosy Pink Granite exporter.

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