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Lakha Red Granite

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Lakha Red Granite Supplier

Lakha Red Granite stones have a red color background and waves of multicolored microcrystals that make this stone very eye-catching. Lakha Red Granite is a variant of red granite that is quarried in the northern parts of India. Most of its quarries are located in the state of Rajasthan. Lakha Red Granite is popular for its unique specifications like heat resistance and stylish appearance. It is also known as “Moongeriya red” in local markets. It is one of the strongest stone or rock formations on earth. It comes from molten magma under the crust of the Earth. Its color is light red or a bit orange. This granite can be loaded with other red granites such as New Imperial Red and Royal Red to create unique interior designs. As a Lakha Red granite exporter, We take great care in packaging and shipping our products to ensure that they arrive safely and in excellent condition.

Features and Properties of lakha red granite:

Red is the color of success, and thus this color is highly prized and extensively used in Southeast Asia for its appealing color. Lakha Red Granite countertops provide uncompromising beauty and elegance, natural durability, and ease of cleaning. Lakha Red Granite countertops are resistant to stains, heat, and germs. These slabs are tough enough to resist a substantial amount of pressure. For flooring, staircases, and steps, Lakha Red is the economical & suitable option. Lakha Red provides an immaculate appearance, a long-lasting life, and simple-to-maintain features. Goodwill exports is a leading Lakha red granite supplier in India.

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