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Himalayan Red granite is a beautiful material with a bluish-brown base and vibrant red dots. For those who want to use fine-textured stone to beautify their walls and floor tiles made of granite, this material is a tremendous joy. The brown background gives the interior and exterior spaces more liveliness. Himalaya Red Granite features a red, black, and grey color scheme with a red color dominance. This granite has a pleasing color. An eye-catcher with attractive oxide red, black, and silver natures all around. It is an obtrusive rock of the felsic variety. One of India’s most well-known granite ranges is this one. This beautiful granite comes with finishing surfaces like Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, etc. Goodwill is a renowned Himalayan red granite supplier and manufacturer.


  • Himalayan red granite comes with crack and  Stain Resistant.
  • This Red granite is known for its optimum strength.
  • High hardness, a smooth texture, and a glassy appearance make it a popular flooring material.
  • Easy to maintain.

Applications & Uses of Himalayan Red Granite

Himalayan Red Granite is recommended for Countertops, monuments, mosaics, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool, wall capping, stairs, and window sills.

Price: The best offering price range for Himalayan Red granite is Rs 90-110/square foot, excluding GST and transportation. This granite is available in thicknesses between 15-20 mm. Based on the needs of the client, the price and size of this granite may change

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