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Most Trending Granite Finishes and their Applications

Most Trending Granite Finishes Types and their Applications

Nowadays Granite is becoming a very popular natural stone for both residential and commercial uses. Due to its variety of colours, unique design, technical performance and durability it remains the best choice for present-day’s homes and offices. This stone has some highlighting properties including resistance to damage, heat resistance, scratch proof, and stain proof.

Granite comes in a range of finishes like Polished, Honed, Leather, Flamed, Bush hammered etc. These varieties of finishes help to bring more characteristics to your stone, for example, it will look shinier, smoothie, and matty. Applications like countertops and vanity tops will look more luxurious after applying these granite finishes. These granite finishes can be used in Kitchen, flooring, countertops, vanity tops, table tops, and fireplace surrounds, and even we can also use this stone in outdoor decor like gravestones, swimming pool, exterior flooring etc. We will learn here which granite finish is suitable for your project and what are pros and cons of that granite finish are. You will also get to know here which granite finishing types are suitable for interior and exterior applications. 

Most Trending Granite Finishing Types

There are a number of Granite finishes type that have different uses in multiple areas. Here we will discuss the 6 most trending granite finishes type in detail and see how they will impact the stone. These are:

1. Polished Finish Granite

Polished Finish granite

Polished Finished Granite has a mirror effect, which goes through a long process of polishing. It provides a flat and glossy finish to the stone that looks shiny and beautiful. This finishing reveals the stone’s natural beauty. Polishing of the stone is done through the grinding and buffing process.

This Polish helps to highlight the natural patterns, colors, and general depth of each granite that will look eye-catching after the process. It makes the stone easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Maintenance of the stone is easy but it is quite slippery. Nowadays Polished finished granite is the most trending among all other granite finishing types.


  • Polished finish granite is suitable for countertops, flooring, counters, and sinks.
  • Used as the floor in dry environments like living rooms and bedrooms.

Pros and Cons

  • This granite finish has a beautiful reflective surface. It resists stains, scratches and heat. It is a most hygienic finish. It enhances the stone’s natural colour and texture.
  • Its reflective surface highlights flaws in the stone and marks. It is a common finishing type that has no uniqueness.

2. Honed Finish Granite

Honed Finish granite

Honed Finish Granite comes with a matte appearance. It is Preferred for flooring because of its non-slippery property. Its non-slippery feature makes it popular among all trending granite finishing types. The honed granite finish has a natural texture and looks. This finish is less shiny than a polished finish. In this Dark granites are achieved to result in a light or greyer look. This finish is perfect if you are looking for a more gloomy, natural look for your countertops. However, it is not stain-resistant and easy to clean.


  • It is the best choice for countertops and backsplashes because of its smoothness.
  • It is preferred for flooring due to it being less slippery.

Pros and Cons

  • This granite finish conceals spots and small imperfections in the stone. It provides a stylish appearance to the stone.
  • Honed Finish granite slightly fades the stone’s natural colour and texture. It has stains lesser than polished granite.

3. Leather Finish Granite

Leather Finish granite

Leathered Finish Granite also known as lappato granite, it’s become popular because of its unique texture and design. Its raised texture looks similar to that of leather. This trending granite finishing type comes with a matt finish. Lappato granite helps to get rid of imperfections and create more interesting textures. This granite finish comes smudge and stain-resistant. It has a less smooth surface in comparison to polished granite. It is the latest style of stone finish that will look good on dark stones and deliver a texture appearance. However Leathered finish/Lappato finish is not as glossy as polished, it generally has more depth than a honed finish.


  • Leathered Granites are most suitable for kitchen countertops because it is easier to clean.
  • Nowadays it is also used in house decoration like on floors, wall cladding, ceilings etc.  
  • This granite is also used in making tabletops, fireplaces, and vanity tops
  • Due to its unique design and colour of leather, it can be used in domestic interiors and exteriors.

Pros and Cons

  • Leather finish granite conceals smudges. It will look great on darker granite.
  • Dust and dirt can be an issue for this kind of finish. Spots in the stone make cleaning slightly more difficult.

4. Flamed Finish Granite

flamed Finish granite

Flamed Finish Granite is the most aggressive finish among all granite finishes. In this, a high-temperature flame is put on the surface of the stone. It has a non-slippery surface and its rough appearance suitable for foot grip. If you want an anti-skid granite surface then flamed granite is the best choice for you. This is the top granite finishing type which is durable and provides reliable performance. It cannot be applied on all stones because of high-temperature flaming, only hard stones are preferred.


  • High-temperature flaming creates a very rough texture and is best suitable for exterior purposes.
  • It is good for an outdoor kitchen and exterior living space.

Pros and Cons

  • Flamed Finish Granite has a unique surface that lends an earthy texture to any space.
  • It has the most difficult surface to clean.

5. Bush Hammered Finish Granite

Bush hammered Finish granite

In Bush Hammered finish a hammer tool is used on the surface of the granite. Because of repeatedly using the hammer, makes the surface of the stone so rough and textured. It is a process for preparing slip-resistant surfaces. To maintain this finish good appearance proper cleaning is required. Bush Hammered Finish enhances the natural beauty of the stone. It creates a texture that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its good appearance makes it popular among all popular granite finishing types in the present day.


  • Bush Hammered finish is preferred for Outdoor applications, Flooring, Paving and Swimming pools.
  • It can also be used for outdoor kitchens.

Pros and Cons

  • Bush Hammered finish is a popular finish for flooring in wet environments.
  • Its slip resistance feature is higher than other finish types.

6. Brushed Finish Granite

Brush Finish granite

Brushed Finish Granite is a granite that comes after using brushing on its surface until it becomes textured. It is a popular granite finishing type used at non-slippery places like the common area and dining hall. By using brushing repeatedly this granite finish becomes more spongy as compared to polish granite. It weakens the colour of granite by brushing it continuously. It has the feature of concealing imperfections and scratches, which are common during usage. A brushed finish can transform the look of any stone into a surprising one.


  • Brushed finish granite is suitable for outdoors, vanities, and countertops.

Some other granite finishes used in industry:

  • Natural split granite 
  • Sandblasted finish granite 
  • Swan/saw finish granite 
  • Shotblasted finish granite 
  • Ziano finish granite
  • Satin finish granite
  • Matrix finish granite
  • Calibrated finish granite
  • Swooshed finish granite
  • Caressed finish granite
  • Tumbled finish granite
  • Antique finish granite
  • Natural finish granite


This blog helps you to develop a better understanding of various types of granite finishes that can benefit you during the construction or renovation of your home. A person who has knowledge about the finishes can clearly decide which granite finish is suitable for any application area, what is the real price, and the pros & cons of that granite finish. 

Now you can decide, which granite finishes should be selected and where to put that either indoors or outdoors, kitchen, hall, bathroom etc. So, if you find this blog: 6 most trending granite finishing types useful then share with your friends and relatives. 

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