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Leathered vs Polished Granite – Differences & Comparison

Nowadays granite is the most usable and popular among all natural stones. This granite comes with various finishes like polished, leathered, flamed, bush hammered, and so on. But, In this blog, we are going discuss on leathered vs polished granite topic including their pros, cons, and applications.

Leathered Granite

leather finish Giallo-Florito

Leathered finish granite is the latest style of finish that is gaining more attraction in the design world of stone. A leathered finish is done to achieve a matt appearance of granite. This finish’s granite has a raised texture that looks similar to the leather. By doing this finish, the granite lefts with a more natural appearance, making it a suitable option for classic and unique interior design. Later we will compare leathered vs polished granite in the areas of uses and features.

Polished Granite

polished finish Rainforest-gold

Polished granite goes through a hard polishing process of grinding, buffing, and using coarse polishing pads to create a glossy surface. Polished granites reveal the natural beauty of the granite. The polished granite helps to highlight the natural patterns, colors, and general depth of each granite that will look eye-catching. In Leathered granite vs polished granite, we will able to compare and decide the best suitable uses.

Leathered vs Polished Granite: Pros and Cons


Leathered and polished granite has many features, pros, and cons that help us decide to use it either indoors or outdoors, and in multiple application areas.


  • Leathered granite conceals smudges which is a huge benefit for any homeowner that hates wiping off water marks from their countertops after even mild use.
  • Polished granite comes with a reflecting surface that resists stains, scratches, and heat.


  • Leathered granite has issues with dirt and dust. Spots in the leathered granite make cleaning slightly more difficult.
  • While Polished granite’s reflective surface highlights flaws in the stone and marks.

Leathered vs Polished Granite: Application and uses

Here we will see application areas of Leathered granite and polished granite. Their best areas of use give your place a better look and a classy design.

  • Leathered Granites are preferred for wall tiles. In present days it is also used in indoor flooring, near pool area, common areas and wall cladding.
  • While polished granite is suitable for use in countertops, counters, and sinks. It is used as floors in a dry environments like living rooms and bedrooms.


You will find “Leathered vs polished granite” article very useful and significant decision making factors, whether leathered or polished granite is suitable for your requirements and understanding their features. Here you will find in which application area you can use these granites. Their pros and cons make you more suitable for selecting the best granite. 

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